Welcome !

This is the beginning of an online resource for the residents of Tishomingo County and anyone else interested in useful and entertaining information. TishNews welcomes -actually, we will subsist by- submissions of articles by anyone with a bit of a knack for writing and a willingness to share their knowledge or experiences.

We will have an online calendar and we encourage readers to submit
event listings appropriate for county residents -and beyond.

In addition, we are hosting classified ads for whatever you may need to buy or sell, a service you may require or .. -well, you name it and we'll create a category !

If you stumbled upon this site early in June, hang with us. We will be adding content almost daily. If you have any questions, feel free to email.

So... if you or someone you know has some interesting news, tips to share, or you know of someone about whom an interesting story could be told, or an artist or craftsman, naturalist, astronomer, gardener, farmer who has some beauty or wisdom to impart on the readers -just jot down your ideas and send us an email.

So hold onto your mouse. This is just the beginning...